Wednesday, May 18, 2011

9th Company Review

9th Company:
This foreign film is the story of Russian soldiers as the move from civillian life, through basic training and to the battlefield of Afghanistan in the Soviet War in Afghanistan. The movie starts with the introduction of characters as they are leaving their families and loved ones to be sent to basic training. There is a range of characters, from artists to trouble makers, each known for at least one special talent, whether it's their ability with a sniper rifle or their skill at acquiring drugs for the other soldiers. The soldiers go through basic training with the most insane Sergeant in the camp, always at a disadvantage when competing with the other new soldiers, but upon leaving, they are the most unified and strongest. They are split in half after their arrival in Afghanistan, two two different companies, but those who go to 9th company quickly fit in with their new comrades. They go through a series of troubles, from sleeping on guard duty to defending supply convoys, and in the end a final battle with the Mujaheddin closing in on and outnumbering them, leaving just one soldier left when the support helicopters and commanders arrive.

Overall, this movie shows a different view of the Soviet Afghan war, on a more personal level than we normally see from foreign war films. The quality is not always the best, but the point of the movie gets across, and emphasizes the soldiers' helplessness and inability to escape a war they did not start. The movie is based off true events, so the sometimes ridiculous parts of the film show realistic pieces of the experience of a Soviet soldier from start to finish.

While it is not the best foreign film I've seen, I would recommend it to people who enjoy war films, the russian language, or those who are interested in the lesser known views of wars.

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